Entry #24

Zokemon, Pivot move. and 1 youtube video

2010-05-15 05:21:57 by Dragoprodutions

Hiya guys! :)
I have been working on a Pivot movie today and i have been working all day. Its called Zokemon, watever happens is just random nothing is meant to make sense but there is a story in it ;). It be at least 10000 Frames and i be putting up a coulpe of Behind the scenes for you guys, that itself be a mini series of behind the scenes, There be 3 of him so heres the first. ;)

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Ok so me and a friend called Jasmin have been saying really random shit to each other over MSN so i made this is to piss her off because its her idea and i stole it and she watched it, yeah. But shes a funny girl. So here it is, also she is funny then this lame joke

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So yeah thats all for know, i keep you guys posted about the movie.
ciao. :)


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